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What begins as Jack hiring Izzy turns into his inability to go through with things, and an honest confession to Emma about what didn’t actually happen.

Emma’s interest is piqued, however, and she hires Izzy for herself, becoming tantalized by Izzy’s universal allure beginning the season-long entanglement that takes place over a 10-day largely about two things: Negotiating how the three-way relationship will work and how to keep it a secret from nosy neighbors and co-workers.

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Polyamory: married and dating is a cable televisions series. Watching the show and how the cast talks you are kind of taken back to the 1960s when there was so much though and talk about free love and doing what feels good. Even while trying to be laid back, passive and all about freedom, some of the cast comes across as passive aggressive in their dealings with one another. It may sound strange but those scenes are the least exciting and interesting parts of the show.

The show follows two groups of people who live in California. The interesting part is the interactions between the cast members and their lovers. There was so much more to learn about these people.

It also goes out of its way to tell about the increasingly visible polyamory movement.

Though unfortunately, it sometimes intermixes the two.

Both agreed that the 2 couples on the show seemed to have above-average communication skills, and that’s something that is needed to make this work. The problem is not the jealousy itself–feelings are just feelings.

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