Chemical elements dating game lesson plan

In this activity students take the role of elements and carry out a speed dating activity to find the perfect partner to bond with.

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The students will be able to identify and state the correct name and charge for the common monatomic and polyatomic ions.

Students will use the monatomic and polyatomic ions to write the correct chemical formula for a compound or name an ionic chemical compound correctly.

Pupils are given a 'dating card' each which gives an element and some information about them.

Back to Top alloy Definition: A solid substance made by mixing a metal with another substance, usually another metal, to have specific properties that metals alone lack Context: The earliest metalworkers combined different elemental metals in search of the best alloys for weapons and tools.

element Definition: A substance composed of one type of atom and cannot be chemically separated Context: Antoine Lavoisier was the first to define an element as a pure substance that cannot be broken down.

group Definition: A column or group of columns in the periodic table; elements in one group have the same number of electrons in the outermost shell Context: Elements in each group share similar chemical properties.

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Students need to "speed date" with each other to find another element (or elements) to form a bond with in order to make a up- certificate sheet.


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