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The Gannett Foundation is the charitable arm of Gannett Co Inc, the parent company of Newsquest Media Group, one of the UK’s largest publishers and owners of the Borehamwood Times.

We provide funding to registered charities in the areas where we operate local newspapers and websites.

I'm a fan of many things especially laughing, dancing and performing improv comedy. I enjoy: squash (the sport, the veg ain't bad either), music, cooking, walking, cars, trying new things.

DOG owners are being warned to keep food recycling caddies out of reach of children and animals after a beloved family pet died as a result of eating highly toxic mould.

Sarah Dent’s pooch Dexter licked mould left by discarded bread from the inside of their caddy after it had been blown over during high winds last Friday.

We are also able to join with other contributors to support elements of larger projects, though we prefer to be in a position of making a donation which will fund a project entirely or which constitutes the final instalment to complete a project.

Decisions about funding will be made by the trustees based on the evidence submitted.

You can also find old issues of national newspapers through our online reference library.

Several penis artistes have used the tactic around the country – including the legendary ‘Wanksy’, whose cartoon dongs adorn the roads of Manchester.

“I hadn't washed it out as it had only contained mouldy bread.

Little did I know then that bread mould and its residue are in fact highly toxic,” she said.

Iregularly take part in different improv comedy nights, most rock but some have had me running for the hills or the nearest tube station.

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