Cfgrid not updating

Cannot rename the 'save' and 'cancel' button in cfgrid when mode="edit" Cannot rename the 'save' and 'cancel' button in cfgrid when mode="edit". If we can customize the text through `insert Button` and `delete Button`, how come CF doesn't include `save Button` & `cancel Button` in ` To me, this signifies the death knell of Cold Fusion's foray into client side code. They surely - if they claim any sense of professionalism and enterprise support - need to support and maintain this functionality until after they deprecate them? But I think perhaps it's a bit previous to be taking this position before they do stuff like deprecate these things.The html version of CFGRID does not directly support this.

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Can you see where there might be room for improvement in this process, I know I can.

In order to improve the efficiency of the above process all we need to do is switch around the order of execution a little.

Every example of implementing paging with cfgrid I have ever seen involves using the query Convert For Grid() function.

While it is nice that CF makes data paging so easy to implement I have to take issue with it in terms of efficiency.

At first I tried the "dataalign" and "headeralign" attributes of CFGRIDCOLUMN but after checking the docs it turns out that these are only available with grid formats applet \ flash.

Without delving into the Ext JS docs, I found a really simple method of doing this without having to write one line of Javascript.

Lucky for us, Cold Fusion creates its grids using the populat EXT Java Script framework.

This means there is a lot of documentation and examples out there on how to work with this code in EXT.

Following a previous post about filtering records "as you type", we made an extended version.

In this example, instead of filtering a list, we are filtering a grid and records are narrowed to those matching the text entered in the text input.

When you stop and look at what Cold Fusion is actually doing to setup your paged data you realize that it is very inefficient.


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