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Netherlands officials have ignored complaints about gay hook-up ads which have been spotted across train stations in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague The adverts from gay cruising app has upset a number of people who felt they were ‘highly inappropriate’ and ‘truly sickening and shocking’.

One of the people offended by the adverts said: ‘It is highly inappropriate that such a website is being promoted in the public space.

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‘Young children should not be faced with terminology such as ‘squirt’ and ‘cruising’ in conjuction with the picture (of half-naked men).’ Another person claimed the adverts were designed to entice children to visit the website, while a third said they were ‘truly sickening and shocking.’ But the ASB disagreed and stated that the adverts met ‘the necessary precautions in the context of good taste and public decency,’ adding that even though the men are topless they are not ‘shown in a sexually provocative pose’ or ‘suggesting any sexual acts.’ However, there was a rather different reaction in Canada, from where the company originated, when ‘at least’ ten customers complained about adverts that showed two men embracing.

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