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The conversations are generally in text, though some bots can also speak.

Some online bots are sophisticated enough to convince a user that she is having a conversation with an actual person.

Microsoft is expected to reveal that MSN 8 subscribers using another Internet Service Provider (ISP) would pay around for access; previously Microsoft did not charge for this kind of access.

Microsoft plans to keep its basic pricing structure for existing paying customers, which will pay $21.95 for dial-up access and about $40 to $50 for broadband service, depending on the speed.

As part of a promotion for spurring broadband adoption, Microsoft last week earlier in the month.

Microsoft plans to launch MSN 8, the next version of its online service, on Oct. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant plans to make the announcement on Tuesday, along with additional details about MSN 8.

On Monday, Microsoft signed off on the gold, or final code, to MSN 8.

MSN 8 marks a dramatic turnabout for Microsoft as the company reels in its cumbersome consumer Web strategy.

Under an initiative announced last year known as through MSN 8.

Het aanmelden (het aanmaken van een account) op is 100% gratis.

Eenmaal aangemeld kun je als gebruiker contact zoeken met andere gebruikers door middel van het versturen van (flirt) berichten.

Online dating is an interesting aspect of modern Internet technology.

In particular, one intriguing phenomenon is known as an online dating bot.

Such basic bots have been used for various purposes, such as providing trivia quizzes to chat room participants.

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