Consolidated and consolidating

This article will give an overview of both types of statements, the main difference between them and how consolidation software can help in producing financial reports.

Any revenue earned by the parent that is an expense of a subsidiary is omitted from the financial statements.

This is because the net change in the financial statements is $0.

As a result, they continue adding to their debt load instead of reducing it.

Financial reporting is much more complex for individuals and companies that hold a majority stake in more than one business.

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Because consolidated financial statements present an aggregated look at the financial position of a parent and its subsidiaries, they let you gauge the overall health of an entire group of companies as opposed to one company's standalone position.

Consolidated financial statements report the aggregate of separate legal entities.

Not only must individual financial statements be prepared but the Financial Accounting Standards Board also requires the reporting of consolidated financial statements at regular intervals as well.

What is the main difference between individual and consolidated financial statements and why are both needed?

This is the number one mistake people make when they consolidate.


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