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You Tube star Ingrid Nilsen has revealed that one of the biggest struggles she has faced since coming out as gay is that heterosexual men constantly question her sexual identity and ogle her whenever she is being affectionate with her girlfriend.

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of her coming out, the 27-year-old filmed a new video for her eponymous You Tube channel in which she discusses both the positive and negative ways her life has changed since she revealed last June that she is a lesbian.

Poetry was for many centuries the premier Turkish genre and love its predominant theme.

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The verses in this collection are true to the Turkish spirit as well as universal in their appeal.

They show how Turks praise and satirize love, how they see it as a poetic experience.

THE PLEASURES AND PAINS Of LOVE have dominated Turkish poetry for a millennium and a half.

The earliest Turkish poet (Aprin Çor Tigin, sixth century A.

The 20-minute video was posted on June 9 —exactly one year after she shared her coming out video — and at the start of the clip, she says that she believes 'big anniversaries like this' are worth honoring and reflecting on.

'On the romantic side of things, I had my first serious relationship with a woman, and I had my first breakup after my first serious relationship with a woman,' she recalls.

We use the term "falling in love" even though the first giddy days of a new romance feel buoyant, free from gravity, as if some perfectly placed wind were boosting us skyward.

That sense of becoming airborne is so unforgettable that years later we may recall it longingly and wonder why relationships now seem so bound-to-Earth.

But while that story focused on dopamine's role in addiction, new research suggests that the neurochemical may be similarly important in triggering the joyously obsessive nature of first love.

Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph. D., suspects that love's initial all-consuming sizzle is part pure lust, part pure dopamine.

It shows that, contrary to what was previously believed, the first computerized dating system in either the US or the UK was run by a woman.


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