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This show is supposed to be all about love and romance… Any faint glimmer of romance that’s left is extinguished by a rather crass twist: Before the main contestant picks their favorite among the three dates, the audience votes on who the best match for them is.

If they pick the same person, the contestant wins ,000.

On the other side of that terrible title is a show that's both engaging and thoughtful - one that's fun and highly critical and skeptical, but still feels sympathetic to people who make reality shows, people who watch them, and people on them.

By Joe Otterson As the summer begins to wind down, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” has shown no signs of slowing down in the ratings.

While President Donald Trump has been a source of division among Americans, most of television's late-night hosts are in agreement: Trump makes for good joke fodder and pointed criticism.

If you're single, dating, and constantly getting dumped, Reba Toney, author of "The Rating Game," knows why and can help.

Toney shared her "fool proof" formula for finding your perfect soul mate with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith and substitute co-anchor and "Insider" host Lara Spencer.

Having Cohen and the daters seated in the center of a dark, dystopian room filled with giant video screens and dramatic lighting is about the least romantic setting I can imagine.

There’s also an ominous, glowing-red drawbridge that reveals each dater’s final choice and looks like something out of the Death Star.

If they don’t, the contestant has to choose between the date they picked… I thought we were trying to build relationships here!

It’s a cynical ploy to inject some drama into the show, and it just ends up undermining all the talk of “love” and “connection” we hear from the daters.

We compared the average viewership for each from January 1, 2016, to February 26, 2016, against the same dates in 2017 to see who had the most growth in viewership year-over-year (and who's been declining). Jimmy Fallon, once the young king of late night, has been dethroned by a rising Stephen Colbert, and political comedy in general is cashing in.

Take a look at the late-night winners and losers under Trump in the chart below: Samantha Bee saw the greatest increase in her audience under Trump — by a huge 144%.

Additionally, the serial storytelling does a great job at building suspense and tension as the season progresses, with gripping cliffhangers at the end of each episode.


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