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Director of the University of Arizona laboratory in Tucson, Arizona in the United States – one of three laboratories the Vatican selected to perform the 1988 analyses – he has published new analyses in the peer-reviewed journal Radiocarbon (2) which Sciences et Avenir has been able to read prior to publication.

They aim to finally halt the steady criticisms since the dating that suddenly dashed the hopes of those touting the cloth's authenticity; it is claimed that it is the very shroud in which the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped after his crucifixion. The italian translation of the article by Sciences et Avenir. Timothy Jull, a long-standing figure in the story and in a privileged position for playing the part, today brought out major artillery…12.39 milligrams of linen, measuring only 0.5 cm by 1 cm.

The article quoted extensively from a story by Andrea Tornielli, published in the printed edition of the Italian daily newspaper, La Stampa (July 1, 2017).

Professor Giulio Fanti, another researcher, said they determined this through tiny particles which had a “peculiar structure, size and distribution”.

Prof Fanti said: “Hence, the presence of these biological nanoparticles found during our experiments point to a violent death for the man wrapped in the Turin Shroud.”The findings were detailed in a new report entitled: “New Biological Evidence from Atomic Resolution Studies on the Turin Shroud.”They said the particles were created at the time of Jesus’ death and therefore could not have been added in the centuries since.

It is a unique and multi-dimensional artefact in every sense of that word as you will discover.

No one has been able to explain or reproduce the nano-metre thin discolouration of the surface fibres that forms the image.

The biggest Shroud event in the UK is currently held annually during the Jalsa Salana of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which hosts Shroud scholars from around the world.

Left: Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad - Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - in discussion with Barrie Schwortz, founder and editor of

Experts claim the shroud contains the blood of a torture victim, adding fuel to the theory Jesus was wrapped in it after being crucified.

The linen, which contains the faint outline of a male face and body, has long been the subject of theories from Christians.

A study conducted on a sample of the Shroud of Turin confirms that the cloth dates from the Middle Ages.

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