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Donny was going to announce his engagement to Debra Glenn on the grounds of the Laie Hawaii LDS Temple – 40 miles away the day after the fireside.

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Donny Osmond's Advice for When You Struggle with Your Faith Not only does it make you appreciate the opportunity more when it comes, as Marie notes, but Carson continues, "I'm really not sure anyone is really ready for a serious one-on-one relationship until you get to be 16.

I think youngsters start awfully soon."Later in the show, Donny and Marie told Carson about the closeness of their family, saying the entire Osmond group all began singing at Family Home Evening.► Along with a performance of "It Takes Two" and "I'm Leaving It Up to You," Donny shared some funny anecdotes about receiving engagement rings and chicken drumsticks in the mail as well as his crazy room, one with elevators and moving walls that was inspired by James Bond.

In an interview with Los Angeles radio station KOST 103.5 on Monday, Marie Osmond confirmed that her oldest daughter Jessica is a lesbian — calling her a “magnificent woman” and stating that she supports her daughter and believes in equal rights for gays and lesbians under the law.

Osmond’s public support of her daughter is significant, because Osmond is the highest profile Mormon thus far to come out in support of marriage equality — or at least giving gay and lesbian couples the same rights afforded to heterosexual couples., most likely operating under the above-mentioned assumption that Marie Osmond disapproved of same sex unions, reported that Marie Osmond was so “heartsick” after discovering the sexual orientation of her 21-year-old daughter Jessica that she “refuses to even publicly acknowledge it.”On Monday, Osmond appeared on KOST 103.5 Lost Angeles and set the record straight, telling the host when asked about it, “That’s not a sensitive topic. And we have a great relationship and I think she would tell you that.

About the nearest the ultra polite and gentlemanly Donny gets to ill humour is revealing he is suffering from “very bad jet lag”.

He has been performing five nights a week in Las Vegas for eight years with sister Marie but will bring his solo show here for three weeks in January and February next year. Good genes, I guess, I’d have to thank my mom for that. I couldn’t move my face muscles.”It’s a face that still wins female adulation four decades since he was a teen idol, but Donny remains happily married to Debbie, 57, whom he met at 16.

He strolls over for our meeting and bursts into laughter about the encounter.

There are no airs and graces about Donny, 58, briefly in Blighty to promote his forthcoming UK tour, marking an eventful 50 years in showbusiness, during which he has racked up 100million record sales and three UK Number Ones, including Puppy Love.

Marie Osmond married Brian Blosil, a record producer in the entertainment industry, in October 1986.

She had met him at a party hosted by a mutual friend in January the same year. The children in the family were Marie is reported to have expressed the opinion that a marriage should start with friendship between partners and that intimacy should come later and not the other way round.

First, the important matters – like plastic surgery. Close up Donny is amazingly youthful for a man who turns 60 next year. But I work out a lot and I am careful what I eat.” (As a Mormon he also does not drink alcohol.)“But no, I don’t do any pampering, no (cosmetic) treatments, nothing,” he says firmly. In a rare example of a Donny dastardly deed, they met when Debbie was dating his older brother Jay.


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