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Kelkar: This fiscal deficit number tells you the depth of the hole and gives you the idea how much money do you need to borrow from the sourceswithin India (internal borrowing – from RBI, Other banks etc)and from abroad (external borrowing- World Bank, IMF etc.)Bigger the pothole, more cash you need to fill it up. =Demand of product will increase, but the supply will remain almost the same as earlier.So, there will be one customer offering Rs.400 per kilo of onion, then another guy would offer Rs.500 per kilo of onion=inflation =not good.By streamlining this process for them, you can generate a margin and expand your services.

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On the other hand, Suppose your boss pays you 10 lakh per year, but that means he definitely extracts work worth more than 10 lakhs from you and sells some goods/services to a third client.

Large companies that outsource a high volume of printing are rare and you have to turn to smaller print runs to maintain your volume.

This pothole can be called a Revenue deficit, budget deficit, fiscal deficit or primary deficit – according to the formula you use to measure the depth of this pothole. When you borrow money, you’ve to pay interest (ब्याज) to the party, every year.

This pothole cannot be filled with cement, asphalt or dirt. In the 1980s, Sukhmoy Chrokroborthy Committee came up with the fiscal deficit formula Mohan: but why should we calculate this fiscal deficit? To pay this interest in the future, you’ve three options.first option =Increase the current taxes or create new taxes.” under which every BPL family is given a suitcase containing Rs.10 lakh. They’ll all go and buy lots of onion,milk,mobile, cars, houses everything.

One of my clients recently asked me for the advantages of consolidating his company's multiple AD forests into one AD domain.

His current setup included separate AD forests for each branch location.

The conference was aimed to outline and explore the international gender justice landscape, share replicable regional and country-based models and best practices and establish and consolidate linkages, synthesize systems/processes and help coordinate the United Nations, African Union and the Africa Prosecutors Association’s efforts among others on violence against Women and Children. As part of its overall mandate to mainstream gender into all its activities and to implement Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) on women and peace and security, the Mission will also continue to support the Government in the development and implementation of gender accountability systems and mechanisms and the inclusion of the voices of women in the peace consolidation process.

Members will recall that the Assembly, at its 41st plenary meeting on 26 October 2006, decided to request the Secretary-General to issue a consolidated list, incorporating new candidates and additional information on candidates received subsequent to the deadline for the submission of nominations.

This means that there is a business opportunity in ad hoc printing and mail.

Most organizations overlook the expense required to process it.

But let us not complicate the matter for the time being. Plan-Expenditure means spending money on the activities related to the national five year plan. Becauseas long as there is Pakistan and China in the neighborhood, we’ll have to maintain a huge army, keep buying new tanks and missiles.

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