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Please note, failure to do so may result in delays on the day of your appointment.Applications are sent to the Decision Making Centre in Moscow or the UK (for some visit application made in Moscow) for processing.Napoleon Bonaparte is generally regarded as one of history’s top military tacticians.

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Administration discommend User to share his Account data with third parties.

In case of Account data sharing User must acquaint third parties with The Agreement and shall bear responsibilities for their actions.

Passport Registration During the Confederation Cup: In connection with the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup event to be held in Moscow, starting June 1, there will be some temporary changes in the process of passport registration.

This change will affect non-Russian domestic employees and guests holding non-Embassy sponsored visas.

When creating Site, User shall adjust images, icons, texts in Blocks and Templates.

These objects shall be used exclusively for demonstration.

Although it never lost a pitched battle there, the Grande Armée was almost completely wiped out within six months by freezing temperatures, food shortages, disease and Russian assaults.

This proved to be the beginning of the end for Napoleon, who was forced into exile in April 1814.

In 1806 Napoleon decided to punish the British with an embargo that became known as the Continental System.

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