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Unfired lead bullets in the oral cavities of some of the skeletons could reflect the practice of holding bullets in the mouth for quick reloading.The scholars also note that few artifacts were found in the mass grave.

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Undertaking a high pressure job and living in close proximity with thousands of colleagues isn’t the most conducive environment for a steamy love life, Chris says.“When you’ve got a battle group of 1200 blokes, the vast majority of them just resort to masturbation at excessive levels.“When you’re back at the base, you see guys walking around with laptops or going into toilets or into the shower blocks and they’ll just stay in there for a couple of hours. “[The toilets] weren’t the greatest or cleanest things in the world and if you were there at the wrong time, the vacuum cleaner guy would come along and that would ruin your day.” Psychosexual and relationships therapist Dr Christopher Fox told Chris said he brought back some unrealistic sexual expectations from service.

“The first time I came back I was single, and because of the excessive amount of porn I watched, I thought I could reenact a porn star’s lifestyle, which lo and behold I could not. After being wounded when I came back [the second time], I was in a depressed state.

Written history suggests the mill is original and survived the American Civil War, however we used dendroarchaeology to confirm its precise date of construction.

We collected 46 samples from the mill and 6 cross sections from a nearby exhumed bridge for dendrochronological dating.

In 2012 I attempted to take my own life.”Chris has since gone on to be the co-founder of Young Veterans, a group that aims to empower and support young returned members of Defence.

Adjusting to life back home and seeing the world through completely different eyes was fraught with challenges, Chris says - including his sex life.

Based on terminal ring attributes and cutting date years we were able to provide a suggested construction date of the spring or early summer of 1868.

This date suggests Cook’s Mill was the mill burned during military conflict in the area and that the current structure was subsequently rebuilt following the conclusion of the war.

"The eight of them, in 1863, rode through Bandera, stayed a day or two, and were on their way to Mexico," Watkins said.

The men carried 0 with them, a fortune in those days.

The mill was constructed with white oak () logs and the bridge samples were white oak.


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