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You need to post all needed/relevant code/errors as part of your question.That being so, the relevant parts of The complete build log is located at '/var/tmp/portage/sys-devel/gcc-4.5.4/temp/build.log'. Superficially, it looks like either a bug in the gcc build script, or a permission problem.So imagine that you’re being prompted by each item on this procedure in order without any limitations on your ability to do whatever you want in the ordinary Linux way.

authors: Libor Bukata, Jan Kůrka, and Přemysl Šůcha from: Industrial Informatics Research Center Image: Intel Xeon Phi Cards (Source: Intel Newsroom) Intel Xeon Phi is a coprocessor for high-performance computing that uses Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture (MIC) which is x86 compatible multiprocessor architecture (Source: Developer Zone).

GCC in particular allows one to specify the kind of CPU on which the code will run.

An ABI Update is sometimes a major shift in behavior. I started in the web world when there were about 4 different browsers, and a plethora of tags in HTML that were only supported by certain browsers.

In the case of GCC 4.7, the ABI Change was the adoption of the new C 11 Standard, which peterph also pointed out. At the time, all those tags increased confusion, and IMO made work harder.

You might think of Gentoo as a bleeding-edge distribution for development workstations, but the simple packaging system can make it a good choice for any production system that needs to stay up to date.

Everyone knows that Gentoo is a source-based Linux distribution.Fortunately, since that’s a requirement by design, there is a lot of excellent help out there.The low processing power of the Raspberry Pi means that a local compile will take many hours.C has been standardized for this same reason, in short so that you can compile code that I write, and I can compile code that you write.If we chose not to follow a standard, we lose the freedom to share. C 11 was ratified by the ISO Committee in 2011, and was completely integrated into GCC 4.7.New ebuilds mainly consist of packages supporting offloading.


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