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This version does not include the company's Windows Media Player but instead encourages users to pick and download their own media player.

Microsoft wanted to call this version Reduced Media Edition, but EU regulators objected and suggested the Edition N name, with the N signifying "not with Media Player" for both Home and Professional editions of Windows XP.

Yet between 20 percent and 30 percent of Windows users worldwide were still using XP as of the beginning of April, and many of those users have no plans to switch to another operating system. Make sure all Windows XP system updates and patches are installed.

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We especially recommend the Aviator browser, which builds in several security features, such as requiring the user's permission before media files can play.

MORE: Aviator Brings Secure Private Browsing to Windows 3. After April 8, it will be safer to open emails in a non-IE Web browser than to open them in Outlook Express. Microsoft is also ending support for the 11-year-old Office 2003 (its predecessor, Office XP, died in 2004). Every Windows PC should be running antivirus software.

This advantage is further enhanced by the auto-download feature.

The auto download function allows download and installation of update during system analysis.

On Tuesday (April 8), Windows XP receives its final updates and security patches, and Microsoft officially ends support for the operating system.

Future software flaws and security vulnerabilities won't be fixed, and some experts predict an "XPocalypse" of malware attacks on the 13-year-old OS.

(To see what you're currently running, press the Windows key and the Pause/Break key on your keyboard simultaneously; laptop users may have to press the Fn key as well.) Go to your Start menu, select All Programs, then Windows Update. Like Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 reaches the end of its working life April 8.

Select Check for Updates and install everything that Microsoft flags as "Important." Under Change Settings, set Windows Update to Install Updates Automatically. But if you're running IE 7 or 8 on XP, those editions of Explorer won't get further updates, either.

It scans your system for existing (or missing) software and hardware drivers, compares them with our constantly updated driver database, and provides these drivers to you in an easy and convenient way!

Driver Booster 4 free download is a software that enables analysis drivers and automatically installs the updated driver’s version.

Consumer interest has been low, with roughly 1,500 units shipped to OEMs, and no reported sales to consumers.


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