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"I just want my child to have the best possible environment to grow up in, a normal life. The prenup money means nothing to me." However, the comedian Instagrammed a picture of Dakota with her hand raised on Tuesday, writing, "Excuse me -- do I get a vote?

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Donald Trump may have been comfortable threatening "fire and fury like the world has never seen," but the rest of us are not.

After the odious POTUS seemed to lay out a huge ultimatum to North Korea, the nation threatened the U. once again, this time saying they were considering attacking Guam with a missile strike.

I don't want my child to have a 24/7 nanny." "I made my first million before the age of 39, that was before I met Rosie. You can't really minimize it," O'Donnell, who suffered a heart attack in August 2012, explained at the time.

"I'm having a lot of stressful situations in my family life at the moment and having stressful situations in my work environment, so something had to give." .

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Trump seems to be steering us taxpayer first into nuclear war, and Twitter is understandably freaking the fuck out about it.

Our mom is a f***ing SP.' Remini also details seeing Suri Cruise cry on a bathroom floor the night before Cruise's wedding while his sister and assistant looked on like the baby was 'L. 2 - In an ABC News interview airing on Good Morning America, Remini fights back tears as Holmes' apology is read aloud to her.

She then says of Holmes' divorce and decision to leave the Church with daughter Suri; 'I know now she did what she did because she had to protect her daughter, which in a way connects us.' Later in the interview she calls Scientology an 'extremist religion.'Remini also claims that during the wedding festivities Suri was left crying on the floor of the bathroom as Cruise's sister and assistant just stared at the baby as if she were 'L.

As a result of that report and others, Remini says she had to pay 0,000 to go take classes at Scientology's Sea Org campus and be 'reprogrammed.' That same day Holmes apologizes to Remini in a statement sent to ABC before the 20/20 interview airs, saying; 'I regret having upset Leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future.'Nov.

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