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But when a smartphone successfully picks up a signal and connects to gay apps in much of the heavily rural Navajo Nation, the nearest user can be more than 100 miles away. What can be cornerstones of gay life for some people in other parts of America are still foreign to Navajo gay people, some of whom may never have lived off the reservation.The same distance factor is true for gay bars — none of which exist on the sprawling desert territory that is home to some 170,000 people, covering a land area larger than several Eastern U. In fact, some gay people in the Navajo Nation say they are more able to find long-lasting romantic partnerships by the more old-fashioned method of being introduced via family and friends, as their parents and grandparents did. (But) it's disgusting, because there, people just show photos.Scruff, like Grindr, reveals other users’ proximity as the crow flies, but doesn’t disclose their exact location — at least not intentionally.

Last month, on a blustery night the week before Christmas, my friend Jeff Ferzoco and I sat alone in a gay club in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood discussing Grindr, the mobile dating app used daily by five million gay men around the world. By the end of the night, he said, “it will be so crowded people will be using it just to see who’s in the room.” I believed him, because earlier that year I had seen Jeff navigate the social terrain of Manhattan’s East Village this way.

Ferzoco is a designer, the former creative director of New York’s Regional Plan Association, and the author of , which envisions a smart city five minutes into the future.

If you feel sad spending the winter evenings alone, but online dating is not your thing, maybe it is time for you to send your parents to the Shanghai Dating Market in order to hook you up.

Actually this is much more innocent than it looks at first glance. For topophiliacs in Toronto, the Love Lettering Project allows people to write love notes to their beloved city.

While Tinder lets people scour an entire city or region for interesting dating material, the new proximity-based app Happn enables you to find people you’ve crossed paths with in real life, and to get in touch with them.

Considering the massive popularity of things like the Missed Connections section on Craigslist, or projects like I Wish I Said Hello, I’m pretty sure you’ve all experienced the situation: you’re waiting for the train while you suddenly cross eyes with a nice person you definitely want to date.

Based on sheer numbers and intensity, they must be.

Grindr’s rise was a watershed in a cruising culture that had always relied on coded signals and assignations in public space.

But the concept of meeting a prospective partner online was not for him. It is not just the lack of high-tech access that shapes gay life among the Navajo.

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