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The underlying idea is compelling: stem cells can “differentiate” or transform into many other types of cell, a unique quality that evidence suggests allows them to grow or “regenerate” tissue damaged by disease or injury.

Then the slope value is used — along with a user-supplied extinction coefficient for the compound of interest — to back-calculate the actual analyte concentration in the sample using the Beer–Lambert law.

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Because pathlength selection is computer controlled and optimized based on the absorbance achieved, the above approach ensures rapid, accurate, and reproducible results.

The Solo VPE spectroscopy system is equipped with a highly precise and repeatable computer-controlled linear stage that can quickly ( values.

This layer of tissue covers the surface of much of the body, and lines the cavities of the body.

A squamous cell carcinoma is a type of cancer that originates in the squamous epithelium.

Using the slope spectroscopy technique, the Solo VPE system (from C Technologies) offers a new method of determining analyte concentration based on the Beer–Lambert law and slope derived from absorbance measurements made at multiple pathlengths (1).

Mathematics: The Beer–Lambert law is expressed as , where A is the measured absorbance, α is the molar absorption coefficient, l is the pathlength, and c is the sample concentration.

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One of the questions I get asked again and again is how to validate a field value in an Acro Form with a custom validation script.

If the ulcers are diagnosed before they have had an opportunity to become malignant, this condition may be treated effectively in some cases.

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