Updating uboot

Any Windows, Mac OS, Linux computer or even your own Android device should be able to handle is as you just need to download, extract and copy files to an SD card.I’ve done the procedure from a computer running Ubuntu 13.04: This method might also work with any Amlogic S802 based device.

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I recently purchased a maisi Cloud IP camera, as it was on offer at Amazon (

I didn't much fancy the interface, so I wanted to try and get into it to see what it's made of.

HDC Galaxy S6 (1:1 Samsung Galaxy S6 Replica/Clone)Single SIM version, MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3 - Stock ROM, very smooth- Play Store- Complete full readback backup with preloader, usrdata &cache!

N9100ZCU1ANIFBuild date UTC : 20150402-051605Android v : 4.4.4Baseband v: MOLY.

Customers have the option of both Qor IQ SDK as well as community to meet their enablement needs on Power Architecture based P-series and T-series families of processors.

As NXP, we are committed to contributing enablement software for our platforms into communities like kernel.org, uboot etc.

Other recent 64-bit Linux distributions are expected to work but may require extra Linux knowledge.

Older Linux distributions (e.g., Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4) would require extra work and updated software and is not recommended.

daemon which handles starting of tasks and services during boot, stopping them during shutdown and supervising them while the system is running.

It was originally developed for the Ubuntu distribution, but is intended to be suitable for deployment in all Linux distributions as a replacement for the venerable System-V init.

This Chapter provides an overview of the various tools and development environment used by the MCSDK along with how to install and configure them.


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