Updating 50s ranch bathroom

Years ago, if you wanted to renovate your house in a historically accurate way, it was almost required that your house be either a Victorian or a Craftsman-style house.

I knew I wanted the vanities to be separated by a center cabinet, and I also wanted mirrors with sconces installed on top of the mirrors.

There were lots of other details, such as furniture feet, a clear glass tile accent, and oil-rubbed bronze faucets.

The good news was that on the other side of the bathroom was a guest bedroom (one of five bedrooms in the house), so there was plenty of room for expansion. The main priorities were a double vanity and a spacious shower.

My mom isn’t really a “bath” type of person, so she specifically requested that a bathtub I also did some drawings to work out all of the details.

The space race between the United States and Russia inspired architects, artists, and car manufacturers alike and houses, artwork, and cars took on a futuristic look.

The cold, dreary war had ended and people were ready for color.

Money generated from WWII gave people the income to not only buy houses, but to buy the latest technologically advanced home appliances and cars.

The huge demand for housing led to some of the first prefabricated homes and the quickly built, efficient ranch style homes.

When first-time homeowners buy their home, they may have some ideas in mind for making the house their own.

It’s common for new homeowners to paint or remodel.

It means keeping a lot of the things that us today have long outgrown.


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