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If the tabloid papers are to be believed, then Jared Leto might very well be Angelina Jolie's new flame, as the pair have been rumored to be dating.

Having made the divorce with Brad Pitt official as the former couple debate the merits of custody over their children, the two stars might become the new Hollywood power couple.

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I’ve met both of them and just from the short meeting I could tell they are both very professional but they are friends. I just have a feeling in my gut him and Chloe aren’t a thing.

I highly HIGHLY doubt anything romantic has ever happened between them.

Paramount Pictures are venturing where no studio has gone before for their police thriller 77.

Hiring the services of Jared Leto to make his directorial debut for the feature, the 45-year old will make his first attempt at creating a motion picture.

« I was just wondering, what do you Jared's relationship is with Anastasia, Annabelle, Chloe and even Emma and Shayla?

Do you think he's dating any of them or are they just friends? Emma-(ugh I am obsessed with Emma, like she is my favorite person on the planet and I adore her but okay here we go) Emma and Jared have been working together for years and years.

The two appeared to be grabbing lunch and were very cozy- until Leto spotted that paps.

Then he got himself out of there, leaving his gal pal holding lunch as he jumped in his car and left her!

And with Emma and Shayla, is it a purely professional relationship or do you think he likes them in a different way? They’re clearly friends, you don’t work that long and that closely with someone without becoming friends.

but any implications of romance in that relationship are going to be shot down immediately by me.

According to the May 26th print edition of Star magazine Leto has been dating younger model, Dimphy Janse for a hot minute, at least long enough for them to be connected on paper without him denying that they are dating.


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