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We cannot afford to neglect a subject that is of such vital importance. The accumulated experiences of this medium were later edited by Prof. Hyslop in the Journal of the American Psychical Research society of 1916. May Wright Sewell which contains a wonderful example of healing in the privacy of her home.Nor can we profit in our undertakings if we allow the doors of prejudice to close the avenue of knowledge. Sprague, presented the philosophy and phenomena to Versailles audiences. Sprague's suggestion a society was organized and chartered by the National Spiritualist Association under the name of "The Psychical Research Society." Its membership was composed of prominent people, among whom were B. In 1921 the Versailles society reorganized under charter of the Indiana State Association of Spiritualists and the First Spiritualist church in southern Indiana was established, with Mrs. In past ages the mediaries between the spirit world and man were the seers, priests and prophets.

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His convictions were so strong that he traded his career to spread the word.

, Versailles All through the ages man has groped for an answer to the question: "If a man die, shall he live again? Sprague, working throughout Indiana thirty years ago, reported having organized thirty-nine societies in the space of six months.

" While the human race as a whole never quite believed death to be the termination of human existence, faith always had to be exerted. These, like the Versailles society, later became churches.

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The phenomena of Spiritualism were known to the ancient world. Upon their report, a 34-acre tract on the banks of White river at Chesterfield, Indiana, was purchased of Carl Bronenberg. "Medium" is the word now used to designate such workers. Warne, president of the National Spiritualist Association; also graduates of the Morris Pratt Institute,—the first institution of learning established under the auspices of Spiritualism,—were prominent workers in Indiana.

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