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If you need to share a photo or file with a friend who is also using i Phone, then Airdrop can be a killer feature. Conserve battery power by turning Airdrop off; you can power it back on if and when you do want to share that selfie with your bestie.

To turn it off, simply swipe up to display your Control Center (that menu at the bottom of the screen where you can put the phone in airplane mode or access the calculator) and then tap on Airdrop. Having the latest version of Tinder is a good thing (I think), but you don't to download the newest version of an app the second it becomes available.

However, your phone is set by default to automatically download new updates.

What is guaranteed when you use your turn to exchange letters is that your opponent will be able to use whatever tiles he or she wants, including any tiles with multipliers.

What I prefer to do with bad letters is to find the best place my opponent might want to go and fill that space with a two-letter word that effectively blocks my opponent's best move.

Groups of friends can make two different types of custom Stories: those that are tied to a specific location and those shared directly with a group of friends.

In both cases, a custom Story can be active within the app for more than 24 hours, but each piece of content shared to a Story will only be live for 24 hours.

As with basketball, football and going to the dentist, defense is the way to go.

It is the best way to increase the likelihood of a Words With Friends victory, especially when Wurdfle – the god of atrocious letters – is wreaking havoc with your game by giving you a stream of never-ending vowels.Ever since Words With Friends began showing average word scores each week, I've been obsessed with racking up big single-turn scores.And sure, that high average word score looks good, but it's no way to win a Words With Friends game.The app after the update, no more shows the old status.Instead you can now only see your username and the phone number.By playing your craptastic letters in a strategic position you can nab a few sparse points for yourself and lessen your opponent's chances of doing well on their next turn.


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