Hot adult chat without registration - Eharmony dating site review

e Harmony cuts out the hours wasted searching through dead-end profiles on other dating sites by showing only the matches that demonstrate compatibility with your profile.

If you're heterosexual, however, you can waltz through e Harmony's doors with ease.

You're tasked, after creating login credentials, with answering a series of questions designed to assess your personality.

Surely their algorithms are savvy enough to avoid potential preference mismatches.

We've deducted half a star from the score for this stance.

This online dating site costs a pretty penny if you want to unlock its full potential, but with the high price tag comes an unparalleled online dating experience—provided you're heterosexual.

Getting Started Let's get this out of the way immediately: e Harmony doesn't let potential homosexual users create an account.

Hard to be excited about someone that lives hundreds of miles away! Advertise "free communication" in their ads yet you have to pay if you want to communicate with anyone! I was then asked to send an email in which case I did, just to be told they cannot refund me my money.

#1, it's expensive and #2, my dog wouldn't even take a walk to poop with the men I've been "matched" with! Most men are way over or way under the age preference I selected (I'm 63) and they're out of my distance range that I selected. Realizing they match you with people so far from what you had requested I contacted the manager to refund me my money and close my account.

Welcome to one of the most in-depth dating services on the Internet: e Harmony.

According to a recent study, e Harmony is responsible for 438 marriages every day in the United States, making it one of the most popular destinations for marriage-minded singles on the Internet.

It’s so innovative, in fact, that the system was even granted a US Patent.


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