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not so much a pedal-slinging garage rocker born three years shy of the ‘90s.But that’s what makes him so deserving of the PRIMER treatment.Around the same time, Wizard Mountain also released a split cassette featuring Segall and the band Superstitions entitled Halfnonagon.

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(born June 8, 1987) is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and record producer.

He is best known for his prolific solo career during which he has released nine studio albums, alongside various EPs and singles.

“I remember being a little kid and seeing artists and hippies and acid-heads and burners and freaks all around. And you can’t get any of that rad, grimy shit back.

Because someone’s scrubbed it away.” Before that, though, in the late ’60s, there was the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, an organization (area police called them “The Hippie Mafia”) determined to inspire revolution through psychedelics, which infamous psychologist-guru Timothy Leary distributed from an orange VW bus parked outside a Taco Bell.

He may look barely old enough to drink, but Ty Segall is a bona fide veteran who’s put out more music than likely even can keep track of.

Like Thee Oh Sees, his buddies from the San Francisco garage scene, his intense work ethic also acts as a roadblock for people new to his music.

The two became firm friends, with Segall noting: "The music community is amazing here, super-tight, and John Dwyer's like the Mayor of San Francisco.

Come down here, you'll see him riding his bike, drinking a beer, and he'll probably take you out to get a taco. The studio albums Melted and Goodbye Bread followed in 20 respectively.

The songs "My Sunshine" and "Caesar" were officially released as singles, and "Girlfriend" had an official music video.

Melted received acclaim from contemporary music critics.

Melted is the third album by American garage rock singer-songwriter Ty Segall.

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