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Authorities and politicians are currently fighting amongst themselves whether to call this a foreign or domestic terrorist attack, or whether to blame the deaths on gun control…

but we know this was first and foremost a hate crime.

After all that drama at the end of last year, it appears Rosie O'Donnell has patched things up with her 18-year-old estranged daughter, Chelsea. • Inspiration • Gloria Estefan • Sarah Jessica Parker • Whoopi Goldberg • Sad Sad • Kristen Bell • Fran Drescher • Sara Bareilles • Megan Hilty • Sutton Foster • Charity • Violence • Idina Menzel • Matthew Broderick • Heartwarming • Viral: News • LGBT This is the best news to come out after the Orlando shooting so far!

The 54-year-old personality attended Fran Drescher's Cabaret Cruise alongside two of her daughters, Chelsea and 13-year-old Vivienne — and honestly, their smiles as they posed with Filed under: Gay Gay Gay • Broadway Babies • Rosie O'Donnell • R. The LGBT community was rocked to its core early Sunday morning when 49 of our brothers and sisters were senselessly murdered while partying at Pulse Nightclub.

It happened in Los Angeles this past Wednesday when Charles came in support of Fran for the opening of her show which recently moved to the West Coast after a run on Broadway in New York.

Drescher is playing the wicked step-mother in the show but there was nothing wicked about seeing these two together again.

I didn’t know at the time, though, that in his mind he was f - - king the bartender at Olive Garden.” Drescher was wed for 21 years to Peter Marc Jacobson, who came out after they split and is now her “best friend.” “Now I’m actually married to this wonderful sophisticated straight man [Shiva Ayyadurai] who loves taking off my clothes, that PETA picks out for me,” she said. Goyal, at the Tribeca Rooftop soiree hosted by Bevy Smith.

There is no dispute that Fran Drescher is now happily married. Ayyadurai certainly seems like a smart guy; he holds four degrees from MIT, and has apparently started two multimillion-dollar companies.

The original headline also erroneously implied that Ayyadurai had been “honored by [the] Smithsonian” as the “inventor of e-mail.” Dr.

Actress Fran Drescher has accused Penelope Cruz of getting together with Matthew Mcconaughey because she's on the rebound from her failed romance with Tom Cruise.

She said, "I was involved with a man 16 years my junior. We've been apart for two years now," before turning to Mc Conaughey and adding, "So I'm ready, whereas Penelope is really rebounding!

" A stunned Mc Conaughey responded, "Hey, you gotta crash the boards, baby!

The seasonal red and green colors take on new meaning when the red » - MTV Movies Team Gilles Marini, who plays Luc on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters," dropped by "The Fran Drescher Show" to teach the "tawk" show host how to make a holiday dessert on Thursday's (Dec. And from what we hear, it was pretty hot in the kitchen. And his dad is an amazing musician."We know moms typically believe their kids are above average, but something tells us Driver isn't overstating this one.

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