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He doesn’t have to be successful yet, but he needs that drive.

My mom still has a wooden heart on a stick, painted red and put on a stand, that I got. Brooke: A heart on a stick is nice , but I like somebody with goals.

As Brooke Richards walks toward you int he Playboy Mansion West gym, extends a hand (it’s warm) and offers that down-to-earth smile, she is instantly familiar.

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The way they were: After they'd co-starred in the 2000 film Good Advice and she'd wrangled a guest shot on his show Spin City in 2001, the pair tied the knot in 2002; they are pictured here in September of 2003She filed for divorce in 2005, and during their eruptive split, she accused him of - among other charges - making death threats against her, shoving her and endangering their children via his affinity for prostitutes and pornography, per TMZ.

Their divorce was finalized in November 2006 with a court order that, other than during supervised visits, Sheen remain 300 feet from Richards and their daughters, according to Access Hollywood.

Denise is not only a model but also a nutritionist and personal trainer as well. I love Denise & she's figured prominently in my fantasies as I recuperate from illness. Cleavage-teases like Wendy Fiore, Jordan Carver and Denise Milani, should all either show it or ship out.

She's intelligent and obviously confident, which is displayed so well in her beautiful, sexy pics. Some of you are douches who don't understand that "non-nude glamour models" aren't teases. If you've observed and handled enough breasts in your life, then you can easily tell that Denise's assets are real. Are you a bunch of fucking teenagers jacking off in Mom's basement or what?

She traveled the world before deciding to focus on acting. Aside from her acting career, Denise is most famous for her tumultuous relationship with actor Charlie Sheen.

They married on June 15, 2002 and have two daughters together.

During his same interview with Morgan, Sheen explained that his ex-wives Richards, 45, and Brooke Mueller — as well as their kids, including twins Bob and Max, 7 — are all HIV negative.

With flashing eyes of emerald green and lips like plump, candied slabs of love, Denise Richards is pretty enough to have secured a movie career without ever having shown anything.

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen seem to have put the their 2006 divorce and subsequent drama - including last year's explosive lawsuit - behind them.

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