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To date, none of these theories have been proven, it is 'exceedingly rare' and only a few pilots have been able to see one themselves, making it extremely challenging to carry out tests and theories.

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The aim of this study was to dissect the genetic factors contributing to correlations observed at the phenotypic level between leaf senescence during grain filling, grain protein concentration, and grain yield in winter wheat.

With this aim in view, an analysis of quantitative trait locus (QTL) co-locations for these traits was carried out on a doubled haploid mapping population grown in a large multienvironment trial network.

If false, new fields will have pre-defined values, the same as the previously selected field.

Specifies how old attachments need to be in order to be deleted by the Delete old temporary attachments scheduled task. Attachments older than the entered value will be deleted when the scheduled task is executed. This key can be used to increase the allowed length, which can be useful if you wish to enter very long document names.

The genetic variability of the duration of leaf senescence during grain filling has been shown to affect both carbon and nitrogen acquisition.

In particular, maintaining green leaves during grain filling possibly leads to increased grain yield, but its associated effect on grain protein concentration has not been studied.

In normal use the application creates an LWP:: User Agent object, and then configures it with values for timeouts, proxies, name, etc.

It then creates an instance of HTTP:: Request for the request that needs to be performed.

Such mystery only serves to make these objects more widely sought after by wealthy individuals and organisations alike, no matter that their unidentified status automatically prohibits them from being sold on any legal market.

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