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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still going strong after rekindling their relationship back in January.

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The pair became engaged in 2012 before calling off the engagement in 2013.

After quietly resuming their relationship earlier this year, Cyrus raised a few eyebrows when she posted a photo to Instagram in which she's wearing her old engagement ring.

The talk-show host congratulated the 23-year-old, to which Cyrus replied, "It's very weird because this is, like, real jewelry, and most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy.

They don't look that good together because they kind of mix up." She continued, in the way only Miley can, "Sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney Tune, and he's kind of like, What's going on?

Given her history of provocative social media posts, no one could quite be sure if the return of the ring was an indication of their on-again engagement or if she just happened to think the accessory worked with her strawberry-inspired outfit of the day.

on Thursday afternoon, an overall-wearing Cyrus confirmed to De Generes that the pair are once again engaged.

Billy did nothing to clarify the picture or his words, but, in fact, helped churn the rumor mill.

The country singer retweeted followers who asked him about Miley's marital status.

It seems that the declaration was Miley’s way of supporting National Coming Out Day more than anything.

She also wanted to help others understand that her relationship with Liam, or anyone else for that matter, has nothing to do with them being male or female, but instead is just about a person that she is attracted to and wants to be with.

In the beginning of 2016, however, the celebrities decided to give love another chance.

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