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The day will conclude with an awards ceremony at Kiwanis Park. This is the opening weekend of “All Shook Up” at The Fort Peck Summer Theater.

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Approximately 300 million tons were transported by the Missouri River past Hermann, Missouri (Jacobson et al., 2009). Congress and were built to jointly facilitate navigation, control flooding, provide water supplies, and meet other social and economic needs.

In the mid-twentieth century, six large dams were constructed on the river’s mainstem in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The large dams were built under the 1944 Pick-Sloan Plan, while many of the bank stabilization and channelization projects were built under the 1945 Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project (BSNP).

Descriptions all come from Goodreads, as those tend to give the most information about a title. Until Bree starts seeing a guy who stands for everything Gabe thought they were against.

How could Bree change her mind and go for someone like Bryce Johnson? And the only person who seems to have time for her is Hartman, the new guy, who is somehow not weirded out by the funeral home stuff (well, a little).

The basin exhibits a great diversity of landforms and terrain.

Because of these differences, sediment loadings into the river and its tributaries vary greatly across the basin.The Missouri River drains an area of 530,000 square miles and extends over one-sixth of the conterminous United States.The Missouri River originates at the confluence of the Gallatin, Jefferson, and Madison rivers near Three Forks, Montana, and then flows east and south to its confluence with the Mississippi River just upstream of St. Along its course, tributary streams such as the Yellowstone, Platte, and Kansas rivers flow into mainstem Missouri River.Areas in the Rocky Mountains, for example, contribute only a small portion of the river’s total sediment load.The Sand Hills of central Nebraska, the Loess Hills of extreme western Iowa and northeastern Nebraska, and other areas of the northern Great Plains supply disproportionately large amounts of sediments to the Missouri River.Before construction of mainstem dams and extensive river-training structures in the twentieth century, the Missouri River was a major contributor of sediments to the Mississippi River, which transported portions of these sediments downstream and to the Gulf of Mexico.

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