Dating annals

Radiocarbon dating had its origin in a study of the possible effects that cosmic rays might have on the earth and on the earth's atmosphere.

We were interested in testing whether any of the various effects which might be predicted could actually be found and used.

We used a Bayesian phylogenomic approach, which accounts for possible dynamic changes in mutational rate, to reconstruct the phylogenetic tree and effectively ‘carbon date’ the malignant progression.

The primary colon cancer emerged between 5 and 8 years before the clinical diagnosis.

The preview that Cheibani and his lawyers got was discouraging. Y., David Bitkower, told me, “You coöperate some kid from Minneapolis in 2009, and a couple of years later he’s going to help you prosecute an Al Shabaab commander, who is going to help you pursue defendants farther up the chain.” Ahmad considers all her time with ex-jihadists well spent.

“They know Zainab’s reputation,” a federal prosecutor who has worked with Ahmad said. “They always know more than they think they know,” she told me.

The second tradition used a standardised list of the reigns of supposed 'kings of Ireland' as its chronological basis, and hence I term this the 'regnal canon tradition'.

This tradition was initiated circa AD 1014 and continued in use up until AD 1685, and it is found in a remarkably wide range of literary forms, e.g.

Welcome to this website which is dedicated to the synchronisation of the chronology and the entries of the Irish Annals.

This has been done by tabulating the chronological elements and the entries of the principal annals in parallel as was initially proposed in my paper 'The Chronology of the Irish annals' published in the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 98C(1998) pp. This paper remains the best published introduction to the ideas behind this synchronisation, and a copy of the paper is available online at the URL: Comprehensive examination of Irish chronicles reveals the existence of two distinct and contrasting chronological traditions.

Here, we describe the case of a colorectal cancer (CRC) patient presenting with synchronous lung metastasis and metachronous thyroid, chest wall and urinary tract metastases over the course of 5 years.

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