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We encourage all to stay for general fellowship time.

We use e-mail, phone calls and [email protected] meetings to support each other, we encourage you to share your contact details only with members who are safe contacts for you.

The Sunday SLAA zoom video meeting, all you need is any PC, Mac, i Phone, smartphone, i Pad or tablet with a camera, microphone and speakers attached and turned on to participate. A few minutes before it is time for the meeting to start, go to on “join meeting,” and enter meeting ID: 849-823-7758 or click We have room for a maximum of 20 participants.

To protect your anonymity you don’t have to use your real name.

Be mindful of your own needs first, and give only as you can.

We look forward to meeting you and working the SLAA program with you.Not only the selection of styles, this kind of as glowing cocks, ridged or smooth cocks as well as spin-able cocks; but the number of colours this kind of as pink, flesh-colored, black, purple are there to cater to your precise demands.Fucking by yourself together with the variety of dildos can’t only make the entire cam sex chat matter a exciting practical experience for you but additionally for the companion who will be watching you.If there is enough demand, we may add additional meetings in the future.Some may wish to remain after the formal meeting to chat, share on topics, answer questions, and exchange email or phone contacts where this is safe for you to do.The Seventh Tradition states we are self-supporting through our own contributions .


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